Aboubaker LasebaeResearch interests

3G and 4G Security, LTE, Wireless networks, WSN

Selected recent publications:

  • ‘ Supporting Communication in the IoTs using the Location/ID Split Protocol: A Security Analysis’ Future Generation Communication Technology (FGCT), 2013 Second International Conference, IEEE, London , 12-14 November, 2013. (Presented in November-2013)
  • ‘ A secure Authentication Protocol for IP-Based Wireless Sensor Communications using the Location/ID split Protocol (LISP)’The 13th IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications, Beijing, China 24-26 September, 2014. (Presented in September-2014)
  • “From Fixed to Mobile Femtocells in LTE systems: Issues & Challenges”, FGCT2013 conference, London, United Kingdom, 2013.
  • “Performance Evaluation of LTE network via using Fixed/Mobile Femtocells”,  AINA2014 conference,  Victoria, Canada, 2014.